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Our Mission

is to provide creative and innovative technology-based solutions that accelerate your growth and enhance productivity.

What do We Do? 

Haimsa iT provides specific ICT consulting services for companies of varying sizes for projects ranging from Website Development, Graphics Design, Domain Engineering & Management Services, Online Security Solutions, Video Animation and Broadband Connectivity Solutions.

The company was founded from a dream and became a reality in 2001. Since then it has grown from a one-man consulting firm in to a staff compliment of highly skilled and dynamic Web Designers and Telko Engineers.

We believe that you will find us to be uniquely qualified to provide these services for several reasons, primarily becasue of the extensive expertise we have and the professionals we have on staff.

We are able to tailor our services and product offerings to the particular needs of the customer with a team that brings all the necessary knowledge and experience to complete projects to their satisfaction.

" At Haimsa iT, we continually strive to be the most trusted ICT Services Provide in South Africa by offering good value and reliable support that you can trust "

~ S Gounder ~


Our Accreditations

Our industry accreditations communicate our business and technology credentials to our clients, and act as a guarantee of our levels of service delivery.

The company is a member of various internationally recognised industry bodies. That said, you can be assured that Haimsa iT will always go the extra mile to deliver and affirming that you will continue to receive the required focus at the most senior levels from Haimsa iT.

Over the past years, we have received multiple awards and achievements from industry and business associations and partners. We value these accolades, firstly in recognition of our hard work and performance, and secondly as an indication of our continued technological leadership of our complex and dynamic industry.

Our Clients

We make extensive use of technology to support and service all our clients, big and small. You can be assured that we will always go the extra mile to deliver and affirming that you will continue to received the required focus at the most senior levels.

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