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It is good governance for every service provider to have a contractual agreement with their customers. However, at HAIMSA IT we believe that it’s more important for our customers to understand, first and foremost, our underlying philosophy, which is to provide specific ICT consulting services for companies of varying sizes for projects ranging from Website Development, Graphics Design, Video Animation, Domain Engineering & Management Services, Online Security & Disaster Recovery Solutions and Broadband Connectivity that you can trust.

At HAIMSA IT, we continually strive to be the most trusted ICT Service Provider in South Africa offering good value and reliable support.

HAIMSA IT’s Hosting Terms (made up of HAIMSA IT’s General Terms & Conditions as well as HAIMSA IT’s Specific Terms & Conditions), HAIMSA IT’s Acceptable Use Policy and Privacy Policy governs our relationship with our customers. By signing up for any of our services you agree to be bound by all our Terms. 

HiT .Net Specialists

BiZnet House
1 Wimbledon Street
Lenasia South


Phone: +27 11 211 4513                  
Fax: 086 432 9555