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About Unlimited Traffic

What does “unlimited” mean?

Unlimited means that HAIMSA IT does not impose a quota limit.


Traffic is no longer the first point of constraint in shared hosting.

A fraction of websites has always generated the vast majority of traffic. The use of quotas capped the risk of pushing aggregate traffic consumption beyond a viable threshold.

However, traffic costs have persistently declined over time, to the extent that they can be regarded as no longer being the first point of constraint. The server hardware infrastructure has now assumed that role.

The term ‘shared hosting’ implies that a server is shared by multiple customers.

HAIMSA IT’s powerful servers are typically underutilised with their low ratio of sites per server. This allows websites to grow and spike without compromising performance. 99% of websites will exist in this dynamic environment.


How will I know that my site is unsuited to a shared hosting server?

Simply, if one site singularly compromises shared server performance it has outgrown that environment. Less than 1% of sites are affected.

Determining that threshold upfront is difficult. We actively monitor server performance and will contact a site owner if necessary to discuss alternatives.

Causes range from coding (in)efficiencies, poor security maintenance practices and high demand or a combination. Where no gains in efficiency can be made, a dedicated server is the natural outcome.

It is also important to observe our Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).

What happens to my site if it is deemed unsuitable for shared hosting?

We will contact you proactively to discuss a suitable course of action and implementation timeframe.

In an emergency, our priority is to protect the integrity of the server for all other, legitimate users. In that case, we may temporarily suspend your site but will be equally pressed to ensure that your services are re-instated as swiftly as reasonably possible.